Waterless Cookware Buying Tips

Waterless Cookware has been proven to be well worth the money. It is the healthiest cookware on the market today and it lasts a lifetime. It is almost completely indestructible and beautiful. It is the one cookware set every kitchen must-have. I have had my set of waterless cookware for 38 years and it is still as beautiful as the day I purchased it. I would be lost without it!

What is waterless cookware? The best-kept secret in the culinary industry!


  • Most nutrients retained in the food
  • Quick-cooking time
  • Many steps eliminated
  • No fat or oil needed
  • Easy clean-up
  • Very durable
  • Better retention of flavor
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Expensive
  • Heavy


The most popular searched and talked about brands are:

  • Lifetime Cookware sets
  • Berghoff
  • West Bend
  • Royal Prestige

Our Top Pick

  • Chefware Townecraft

Expert Buying Tips

There are many advantages of using stainless steel waterless cookware.

It satisfies all the criteria a cook would have. You will be able to use lower temperatures, in a shorter amount of time than conventional cooking. No burning or sticking so pots are easy to clean. There is no need to use oil or butter which is healthier. It cooks in its natural juices and retains the natural flavor and color of your favorite foods and many more vitamins.

The bottom line, food is tastier and better for you. This purchase will be a sound investment for the health of your family. The results may surprise you.

An easy way to find vendors and the best way to buy is to shop online. Prices are higher due to the quality and high grade of surgical stainless steel waterless cookware, but this is where you will find the best selection and best prices. 7 ply stainless steel is the most popular.

Be sure to check out the handles and make sure they are secure and oven-proof. It is very important that the lids fit snugly for the waterless system to work properly. The key is the design of the pan and its lid. The lid seals completely when the moisture that has formed on the interior of the lid drips down to the lip of the pan. The design of the lid is substantially heavier than a retail cookware lid thus providing enough weight to maintain a constant seal. Some lids are designed with a built-in valve to create a whistle when the internal temperature has reached a certain level. A valve is not required but can prove to be a useful tool.

Often these pots and pan sets are sold at cooking parties where a salesperson demonstrates how to make a meal using the easy waterless cookware technique and the hostess usually gets a free pan for hosting the party. This is also a great place to find waterless cookware recipes.

Things to Consider

All waterless cookware reviews rave about the delicious flavor, quick cooking time, and how healthy cooking with surgical steel can be. High-quality, pots are enclosed in several layers of clad metals, the main internal layer being aluminum. Wrapping the aluminum between stainless steel solves the problem of leaching while still benefiting from its ability to conduct heat well.

Stainless steels of these grades are non-porous so elements cannot penetrate from either side of the external layer. Once it gets hot, its iron retains its heat.

The bottom is machined flat, so as much of the surface as is possible will be in contact with the heating element of the stove.

Waterless Cooking

The shiny surface does not radiate much energy and maintains the temperature for continuous, constant temperature cooking, even with the heat turned off! The lids form a seal, locking in the natural moisture, natural juices, and vitamins and minerals in foods. This steams the food to cook quickly and deliciously. The base is either aluminum or copper plate used for its quality to distribute heat evenly to eliminate hot spots or burned food.

A great way to cook using less energy and saving space, time, and effort with this type of cookware is stack cooking. Get it all done on one burner.

If you have an induction stove, you will need a set with a carbon steel core that is magnetic.

When purchasing waterless cookware we encourage you to invest in a set that has the shape and individual pots and pans you like.

Also shopping for the best price may pay off in finding a bargain. If you have already purchased a set or even a piece of waterless cookware we congratulate you!

Healthy Cooking

Waterless cooking was introduced into the market in the early 1960s by West Bend as healthy cooking. Traditionally we have always cooked in water which takes out many of the important nutrients and flavor of the food.

Using the near-waterless healthy cookware allows you to cook your food in its own juices and retain the flavor, color, and most important nutrients. Scientific studies document that this type of food preparation saves 40% more vitamins and minerals.

Just rinse the vegetables in water and the small amount of water that clings to it will be enough to cook the food. This method also allows you to brown meat without using oil to prevent sticking, which can help reduce your cholesterol. The stainless steel prevents the leaching of dangerous heavy metals into the food.

The non-stick quality stainless steel and the steaming method prevent the need for traditional non-stick cookware and the health concerns associated with the coating used. This is probably the healthiest way to cook. There will be an adjustment in practice and thinking if you convert to healthier waterless cooking.

The idea is to cook the foods at a low enough temperature and with as little liquid as possible so that the majority of the nutrients do not escape and additional calories from fats, oils, and grease are not cooked in.

The natural technique requires a little patience and maybe some practice if you are in the habit of bringing something to a boil, stirring, and watching it until it is done. This technique requires a new way of thinking.

waterless cookware
Healthy Cooking

“A positive attitude also helps you stay healthy”
But you still are what you eat!

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