Porcelain Cookware Buying Guide

Is porcelain cookware as beautiful and tough as they say it is?


Porcelain Cookware Expert Buying Tips

If you are looking for the best cookware sets to buy that will last for a lifetime, porcelain cookware may be the choice for you. It is both pretty and practical because most can go from the freezer to the oven or microwave and then to the dishwasher. It is healthy cookware and comes in beautiful colors to accent your kitchen decor.

Porcelain cookware is thinner and more fragile than stoneware, but it is harder and stronger than earthenware. It is almost as strong as Corning Ware which resembles porcelain in appearance.

Better grades are seamless. The price differences reflect the thickness of the metal and the number of coats of porcelain, design, and color, and accessories such as non-broil-over covers and heat-resistant plastic handles.

Purple cookware and orange cookware have become very popular. You can find beautiful colors from Rachel Ray’s cookware set and Martha Stewart’s cookware and others as seen on TV cookware.

Versatile and attractive, porcelain coatings are easy to maintain and they are tough! This is truly high-end cookware. These cookware sets are more expensive and worth it. It is a durable glass-like coating bonded at high temperatures over types of metals. Cast iron, steel, and aluminum are a few. This process prevents them from corroding or reacting with substances. They are used as saucepans and bakeware in the oven. The process for manufacturing is similar to that of glass and is used in many cultures.

Porcelain enamel cookware is extremely strong and durable. They are the best cookware sets to withstand extremely high and low temperatures with no damage. This porcelain is basically inert and does not react with food. They are one of the safest cookware for cooking acidic food like tomatoes. Cleans easily with no reaction to chemicals and any utensils can be used with these pans.

If you love to cook with cast iron and want the performance of it, but don’t like to be disciplined to keep it seasoned, then the alternative is to buy enamel cast iron cookware.


Things To Consider:

Porcelain enamel cookware should not be used over high heat for a prolonged time; extreme high temperatures may cause the porcelain to melt. And if the pan were to boil dry on a glass or ceramic cooktop, the surface could crack when the pan is removed. It is also great microwave cookware.

White enamel porcelain cookware has good baking characteristics for custards, flans, souffle, and any dish where you do not want to build up a thick crust around the edge.

Cleaning is quick and easy with porcelain enamel cookware sets. It is very stick-resistant, won’t stain, and won’t scratch easily. It is also dishwasher safe.

One of the features that make porcelain cookware one of the safest cookware is it does not react with foods or chemicals. The tough smooth surface keeps food from sticking, is easy to clean, and prevents food from having any metal pot taste as well as making it healthy cookware.

It is best to rinse while the pot is still warm with warm water. A nylon scrubby is all you need for a quick clean-up. Do avoid abrasive cleansers and scrubbers as they may scratch your pots and pans. They also make great cleaners to buy.

These pots and pans have a lustrous finish that normally will not scratch, rust, fade, or peel. However; it may chip or crack if the pan is dropped. If this happens, it is time to throw it out because this could expose food to the metal.

Sensible use and handling will ensure you can pass these porcelain cookware sets down for generations.



•Very safe

•Easy to clean


•Many beautiful colors




•Can chip



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