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Emeril PRO-CLAD 12-Piece Cookware Set

Everybody pretty much knows who Emeril is. His infamous yelling of the word “BAM” as he adds spices to his dishes was probably the beginning of his fame. He has been around for many years, but until he started his show and came up with his trademark phrase he wasn’t well known. Now, everyone wants to cook like Emeril. I must admit that I am included in that demographic.

I learned a lot of what I know from watching Emeril. I own his cookbooks and his spices. When I started to look for new cookware and saw that he had a set I all but jumped at the opportunity to get it. Once, I started to look into and research the product the more I liked the idea. I was incredibly intrigued by the Tri-Ply stainless steel construction.


 Features of Tri-Ply Stainless Steel

I have learned a lot about stainless steel cookware, but I think the tri-ply construction could be one of the best kinds. This cookware set has some great features that will allow you to cook with ease and confidence. The 10 piece set includes just about anything that you will need for the basics, including:

Tri-Ply Construction

Diversity and Ease of Use


 Tri-Ply Construction

This design is made up of a core that is sandwiched between two layers stainless steel. This allows for evenly distributed heat. This kind of technology will allow you to take your cooking to a whole new level. It also allows for incredibly durable cookware that should last you for a very long time.


 Diversity and Ease of Use

This cookware set is incredibly diverse. You can use it on almost any kind of stove top: gas, electric, induction or ceramic glass. You can also put them in the over up to temperatures of 500 degrees.

One of the nicest features about this particular cookware set is that you can put it in the dishwasher. This makes clean up a breeze. Not a lot of high quality cookware can be placed in the dishwasher.



This cookware is designed with a flared lip to make pouring a lot easier and much less messy. The glasses of the lids are tempered so you can watch your food while you cook and you won’t lose any heat by lifting them. The handles are fastened securely and permanently to the sides of the cookware in a way that allows you to grasp them easily and comfortably. The handles have a wide design so you can hold on to them with ease.

Emeril’s cookware set will make you look like a pro. Whether you are cooking on a regular basis for yourself and your family or you are throwing a dinner party, when you have this cookware set sitting in your kitchen, you will always look like you definitely know what you’re doing.


 What the Set Includes:

10 Inch Fry Pan

2 ½ Quart Covered Sauce Pan

1 ½ Quart Covered Sauce Pan

3 Quart Covered Sauce Pan

Steamer Insert

6 Quart Covered Dutch Oven

 A Little More Feedback

Emeril’s cookware set has been highly rated on Amazon. Some of the positive feedback that has been posted by real customers notes that this is a remarkable set that is extremely affordable for almost any budget. Other customers have raved that the overall quality and sturdiness is superior to similar sets on the market. Overall, reviewers agree that this set not only looks great, but it also heats evenly as well.


 Negative Points

Some people have stated that they had to relearn how to cook with this particular set. It takes some getting used to. A few complained that the cookware may rust or tarnish. When some tried to return the cookware back to company using their included lifetime warranty, they received no response.


 Want A Set For Yourself?

The quickest way to find anything these days is on the Internet. Amazon is a great start. You will almost be guaranteed to find what you are looking for. I found the Emeril E914SC64 PRO-CLAD Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Dishwasher Safe 12-Piece Cookware Set, Silver for cheapest price on Amazon. An added bonus is that shipping was completely free on Amazon at the time of this writing.

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