Getting a Good Ceramic Knife Set

A ceramic knife set is a must-have for every cook…

There are several different kinds and brands from which to choose. There are some that have a few basic different style knives and others that include just about every size and style knife known to man. They come with wooden, colored handles, white blades, black blades, multi-colored blades, and just about any kind you want. Even though ceramic knives are not easily found in your local stores, there are many to choose from online.

There is a pretty multi-colored ceramic knife set available for those that like a lot of bright color in their kitchen.

A word of caution!!

As with every fine product, there are the faux ceramic knives…..the imposters! Beware! If you find a pretty set of ceramic knives in a box for a low price…READ THE FINE PRINT!! These could be ceramic coated metal knives. This is not a ceramic knife!

Look for the knife blade that is made of zirconium oxide. The handles may be wood or plastic. Either is fine, it is just your preference. The wooden handle ceramic knives are elegant and the plastic handles are very easy to handle and manipulate because they are so light.

Usually, the sets come with a special caddie ceramic knife holder. This is important because you need to protect the blades of your ceramic knives to prolong their sharpness. A ceramic knife caddie or block is also a great way to display your beautiful knives.

You may choose the clear caddie ceramic knife holder to show off your pretty multi-colored ceramic knife set. Or, you may choose a handsome woodblock caddie ceramic knife holder for an elegant display of your premium ceramic knives. There are many unique and creative designs for caddies to protect and display your ceramic knives, and for a good conversation piece. One for every taste!

When you are ready to buy your ceramic knives, consider your style of cooking, your likes, and dislikes. Take time to read the information here about the type of knife that will best fit the needs of your frequent cutting task. Think about the length of blade you like the best for cutting, slicing, and chopping that you will do. Every cook needs a good ceramic chef knife and a good ceramic paring knife. Make sure the ceramic knife set you choose has these included.

Once you have decided on your choice of the specific ceramic knives you think you will need. Decide on the brand of knife you think will best fit your needs and budget. As always, you get what you pay for, so it is best to view this as a lifetime investment. The ceramic blades last a long time and with care, you can use these knives for many years without sharpening.

Handles are a preference and you will just need to use your judgment when choosing. If you are going to be using the knife for intricately detailed cutting, then the plastic lightweight handle gives you much-needed versatility. This may be a good choice for a paring knife. If you will be cutting big chunks of boneless meat then a wooden handle chef knife will be a good choice.

Once you have decided on your set of ceramic knives, make sure it comes with a caddy or block. If it doesn’t, PLEASE take my advice and order one with it. No need to make this well-thought-out investment without planning for proper care of them.

My choices for the best ceramic knife set

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