Ceramic knife blade

The ceramic knife blade is a favorite among gourmet cooks, raw foodists, and health-seekers. Recently it has become very popular with the average cook/future celebrity chef. It is not only a great blade, but it will not oxidize food like metal knives. This means that those foods that usually turn dark quickly when cut with a metal knife will be fresh and pretty much longer. It is made of inert material and will not react chemically with food when it comes in contact with it and will not quickly oxidize, like a metal blade knife.

The ceramic blade knife is great to use around saltwater because it will never rust! No metal means no material for salt to react with and causes rust. The ceramic blade knives are so sharp; they are a favorite among fishermen. They are perfect for filleting a fish and with never a worry of a rusty knife blade.

Ceramic blade knives are very pure and densely made of a high-tech ceramic Zirconia Oxide. Since they are chemically inert and they keep foods looking and tasting the way they should. These ceramic knife blades do not change the taste of food or transfer tastes with a quick rinse because they are not porous and do not trap flavors or odors in the pores. The smooth dense polished surface resists germs and makes this knife a safe and healthy choice. It is impervious to acids, oils, and salts.

Let’s talk about the sharpness of a ceramic knife blade!

The ceramic blade knife is advanced technology and offers superior retention of a sharp cutting edge like nothing you have ever experienced. They retain this ultra-sharp edge 10 times longer than the traditional metal blade, even when compared to the carbon steel knife blades. The ceramic blade knives are ground to razor sharpness and are superior in holding this sharp edge for many many years under constant use when cared for properly.

These Ceramic knives are such fun to use. They take all the work out of preparing food. They are very lightweight and ergo dynamically designed and this makes for a very easy-to-use knife. They are perfectly balanced which reduces any fatigue with repetitive chopping and cutting task.

There are several choices on handles to go with your perfect ceramic blade knife. You can choose elegant wood or versatile plastic. Both hold up great and make that ceramic blade experience unforgettable!

The blade of a ceramic knife is very hard, second only to the diamond in hardness. These ceramic elements are formed similar to the diamond in nature over thousands of years with extreme pressure and temperatures and the outcome is this very dense, pure unique material that technology has found a way to make into a ceramic blade knife that is unparalleled in the cutlery industry. On the scale of hardness, tin is at the bottom, then aluminum, then stainless steel, then high carbon steel, next titanium, then carbide…second to the top is Advanced Ceramic material, then the diamond. This is what allows the experts to be able to form such a sharp edge. It is hard and wear-resistant.

Really, I can tell you all of this and you can imagine how this great knife will cut and how sharp it will be, but the experience of using it will still surprise you. It is like no cutting utensil you have ever used.

The ceramic blade knives set the benchmark for the tomato test. The true test of how great a knife blade can slice is to be able to slice a ripe tomato paper-thin and transparent without tearing or squishing the meat of the tomato. The ceramic knife blades perform this test with ease and perfection every time for time after time!

The cautions that are required to maintain the perfect cutting edge for years to come are simple and common sense. The hardness of these knife blades also means that the thin sharp edge can be more brittle than a metal knife. Therefore, they are not meant to use for prying, cutting bones, frozen foods, or other hard substances. Be careful not to drop them. They require storage in a protective device like a sleeve or block. With these simple precautions, you will have a beautiful and sharp ceramic knife blade for many many years!

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