Easy Ceramic Cookware Tips

Ceramic Cookware Tips

Selecting Ceramic cooktop cookware is important to keep your electric ceramic cooktops looking like new for many years. Here are ceramic cookware tips to get you started.

There are the recommended types of cookware for ceramic cooktops and then there are all of the reality statements by those who have owned and used the ceramic cooktops for years. The one thing that holds true with chefs that have used the glass-ceramic cooktops is

They LOVE A Ceramic Cooktop!!

It is very true that the cookware sets you choose are very important to the success and love of a ceramic cooktop. The rules are pretty cut and dry.

Use reason! Common sense will pretty much protect you from any big mistakes with one of these beautiful and easy-to-use stovetops. Choosing the best ceramic cooktop cookware is not complicated. The number one basic rule is:


#1 Ceramic Cookware Tips Choose cookware sets that have a smooth flat!

Learn how to clean your cooktop correctly!

Choosing The Best Cookware For Ceramic Cooktop

    • • Heavy gauge metal pans (thinner pans warp and do not heat evenly)
    • • Pot not more than 1 inch larger than the burner eye, match the size as closely as possible(boil water in the pot to see if it heats evenly by bubbling evenly)
    • • Flat-Flat-Flat bottom!
    • • We recommend as the best Stainless Steel Cookware


There are several important things to avoid in using your ceramic cooktop cookware and guidelines to follow:


  •  Never drag your cookware across the stove (not off or to another burner)
  •  Always use care when placing it on the ceramic cooktop.
  •  Don’t use pots with feet (they want heat well)
  •  Don’t use convex bottom pans ( they only heat a small area)
  •  Do Not use copper cookware, glass cookware, stoneware, or copper bottom cookware on ceramic cooktops ( they may scratch and have poor performance cooking on this type of stovetop)



  •  Use a good ceramic cooktop cleaner (Spatters from grease or even hard water can cause tough buildup)
  •  Use flat bottom pans
  •  Use medium to heavyweight pots and pans ( lightweight pans don’t make good surface contact)


Use with Care:

While it is not recommended to use cast iron cookware as ceramic cooktop cookware most cooks do. The reason it is not recommended is that it is heavy and may crack the glass if dropped on the glass cooktop or scratch it if it is filled with food and too heavy to move or transfer off the burner and is dragged across the stovetop. Most experienced chefs love it because it is heavy and makes good contact on the stovetop. Many states it is the ceramic cooktop cookware of choice.

Hard anodized cookware and aluminum cookware are OK to use on electric ceramic cooktops or gas ceramic cooktops. Care is needed to prevent metal marks and residue that look like scratches on the stovetop surface.

Any cookware that feels rough on the bottom can scratch your stovetop! Feel it with your hand before you use it on the ceramic cooktops.

Any colored cookware that is painted, such as porcelain enamel cookware, can become over-heated, especially if allowed to cook dry, and could fuse and adhere to the surface of the glass-ceramic cooktop. If you choose to use this type of cookware, be sure it is completely coated with the enamel and use on medium heat.


Neat Tips:

On the outside packaging of your cookware, there will be cookware icons to guide you on the recommended stovetop for the cookware you are purchasing.

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