Top Ceramic Cookware Buying Tips

Ceramic Cookware Buying Tips

Expert Buying Tips

Ceramic cookware is among the most thermally shock-resistant material ever developed by man, a true space-age material.

Corningware cookware or Glass-ceramic cookware is what first comes to mind when we think of this type of material. Visions cookware by corning online has become one of the most popular with culinary experts today because of its many advantages. These are known for being durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting.

Ceramic cookware can be used for stovetop cooking and is also excellent for roasting, broiling, or baking. It is safe from a conventional oven to microwave use.

Ceramic bakeware became well known for its versatility of being able to go from the freezer to the oven to the table. It is lives up to it, “as advertised on TV reputation”. Its attractiveness, one-dish convenience, non-porous surface that does not absorb odors or flavors, is non-stick, holds heat well, and becomes an elegant serving dish. It is also pretty forgiving when it comes to burned-on food. Most culinary artists consider corning to be an important part of their overall cookware sets collection.

Ceramic cookware is a great insulator, so it does not react quickly to heat. It can usually be found in the form of a casserole dish or other shapes that are great for cooking slowly at a constant temperature.

There are actually several kinds of material that fall into this category and they differ immensely in their attributes. The softer ceramics are very much liked for oven dish baking.

Porcelain is the strongest. It is fired to make it hard and durable it can usually be used on the stovetop as well as the oven and microwave. It is dishwasher safe. This kind of glass-ceramic cookware is a necessity in the kitchen.

There are cookware sets that are made to go in the microwave or the conventional oven but are not made to be used as glass-ceramic cookware on top of the stove. They must be able to withstand the process of heating quickly since the stovetops heat up extremely fast and can damage pans and pots that are not made to withstand those types of temperature changes.

It is important to carefully choose the correct pot for the stovetop to prevent a pot from exploding and harming the cook.

Earthenware is less strong and prone to chipping and scratching. You must hand wash this and watch it closely for scratches and chips as this is the time to replace it.

Beautiful Polish pottery and micaceous clay pottery are loved by bakers that want to slow cook casseroles in the oven. Food is soft and flavorful in clay cookware.

Another “must-have” in the kitchen is a cookware set that is made of a type of metal covered with ceramic. Ceramic cookware consists of a special mineral-based coating applied to metal in much the same way as porcelain. A ceramic finish can be applied to steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, or ceramic titanium cookware. This offers a hard, brilliant finish that will not normally scratch, rust, fade, or peel.

With cast iron cookware many dread the seasoning process, but love the heat distribution properties and the way it cooks. There is an answer. Ceramic enameled cookware offers the smooth and colorful enamel that is dishwasher-friendly and stick-resistant which makes clean up a breeze.

Healthy cookware is always a concern and it is well known that some pottery and the glazes that are used can be hazardous to your health.

ceramic cookware buying tipsThe only health concern about using glassware or enamelware comes from minor components used in making, glazing, or decorating them, such as pigments, lead, or cadmium. These materials are harmful when ingested. In the USA, Canada, and other large countries, the manufacturing process is controlled and these products are not allowed to be sold as cookware. Some countries do not have the same strict regulation and the products may not be safe for healthy cooking.

It is always best to err on the side of caution. Buy your ceramic cookware sets from large manufactures. Look for the label that states the product is guaranteed to be “lead-free”.

If you have these types of pots and dishes bought abroad or of unknown origin, then it is best to use them for decoration purposes only.



Things To Consider

Ceramic materials provide you with the best insulation in oven and stovetop cooking. This bakeware makes a crust softer than traditional metal pans. It also allows bean and potato dishes to cook over a long period and develop mellow flavors.

As with most cookware, it is important to place the pot on a burner that most closely fits the pot being used to prevent burns.

When using glass-ceramic cookware, it should not be placed on the element dry. It should have some ingredients in it to prevent damage.

Most of the ceramic cookware is easy to clean. If you run into a stick problem there are several ways to remove baked-on gunk while protecting the integrity of your dishes.

You may try adding water to your pot with a few tablespoons of salt. Let it sit overnight and bring the mixture to a boil the next morning. This should loosen the toughest stuck-on problem. Baking soda mixed with vinegar and allowed to sit a few minutes works well to clean a dirty pot.

If all else fails, add some powdered dishwasher detergent. Cover the baked-on area and cover the entire area with a warm, wet towel for a few hours. This should do the job.

It is unlikely you will have to go to much trouble past washing out with a nylon scrubby.

Beautiful ceramic cookware sets, the true space-age material for your kitchen…


  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy cleanup
  • Versatile, freezer to oven to table
  • Many pretty colors
  • Different kinds for different uses
  • Great insulator
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable


  • Heavy
  • Caution with manufacture
  • Caution when using on stovetop
  • Not used as a skillet

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