Innovative Ceramic bread knife

The ceramic bread knife is a staple for your knife collection!

Have you ever just had a knife you really love? The one you always reach for when you want to cut something… Well, that is how I feel about my ceramic bread knife. I guess I have had it since the first ceramic knives became available online. It is my most favorite knife that I use for everything! As a culinary expert, this is not what I teach, but it is what I do! I love to use my bread knife for slicing tomatoes, cutting lettuce or cabbage, and many other daily tasks. The long serrated blade, weightlessness, and ergonomic design make it my favorite.

The serrated edge makes for very smooth cutting through fresh bread and many other foods. I love to bake fresh bread in my bread machine when I get the time. I feel like I am treating my family special with a delicious loaf of warm bread. This is great if you have the right knife to cut it, but if not…you have got a mess on your hands.

This ceramic knife is the perfect knife for this job! It has a very sharp, thin, serrated edge that slices through the fresh warm bread like butter. Never tearing bread, never making a mess, and always making beautiful clean slices! If sourdough or some other type of bread that has a more coarse texture is your favorite bread, then you will be amazed at the ease and beauty of creating your perfect thin slices.

The bread knife has a long sharp blade that can also be used to shred lettuce, cabbage, or any other greens. My mother has been using hers for years to make strips of collards, turnips, and mustard greens. All her friends love to eat her fresh greens because the texture of the strips is so delicious!

There are so many uses for this knife in your kitchen that the sky is the limit. You will not believe how much you will love it until you have tried it.

The most important thing to remember about your ceramic knife is to keep it stored in a protective cover, knife block, or caddie. The proper care will ensure a long life of a very sharp blade. No interaction with food, no oxidation, and a favorite around saltwater.

Of all the ceramic knives I have recommended that you must have, a ceramic paring knife and a ceramic chef knife of your choice. Next, I must say that your ceramic knife set will not be complete without the ceramic bread knife in your collection.

These knife blades are unique and are famous for their qualities that are unmatched in the cutlery arena. You will not find them at your local mall or stores. They are not easily found, especially in some of the unusual blade styles. I will attempt to guide you to the best prices and easiest places to find that perfect knife.
The Ceramic Bread Knife!

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