Boker Ceramic Knives

Boker Ceramic knives are some of the most prestigious of ceramic knives on the market!

They are makers of several unique designs of knives like folding ceramic pocket knives, ceramic utility tools, and kitchen cutlery. Known for its great hunting designs, the Boker ceramic knife is very popular for its trapper knife, stockman knife, and canoe knife models. They even offer a fighting dagger combat knife. Ceramic Kitchen knives are just a portion of their market. Their broad range of knife designs and uses is one of the reasons they are so well known.

Where are Boker ceramic knives made?

Boker ceramic kitchen knives are created in Solingen, Germany today. They are famous in the German knife-making world which has been well earned through many ups and downs since their humble beginnings in Remsheild , Germany. The first Boker knife was crafted over 100 years ago. Through their experience with their well-known “Treebrand” they have learned many lessons the hard way which has brought them to the level of quality they have today.

boker ceramic knivesOne of the main differences that the Boker ceramic knife brings to the table is the unique and different shape of the handles. They have a newer and more ergonomic design. They are constructed with Delrin handles which makes them very durable and very lightweight. Having this lightweight and ergonomic design it allows for reduced fatigue during the repetitious cutting task. You will find a firm comfortable grip and enjoy its effortless cutting and perfection.

Once you try them, you will wonder how you ever lived without Boker ceramic knives!

Not enough can be said about the ceramic knife blades and how great they are. You really need to try them out for yourself and you will be so surprised!

In all of the Boker ceramic blade knife reviews, everyone raves over how much they love the knives. The ceramic knife blade is extremely thin and sharp. They are ideal as the perfect tool for all your cooking prep work. The Boker Ceramic knives are known as one of the ultimate tomato knives, slicing ripe tomatoes paper-thin, which seems to be a standard for knife judging.

The cutting-edge technology of the Boker ceramic kitchen knives is claiming a hot niche in the corner market for the black ceramic blade knife which is very popular in the gourmet kitchen and with celebrity chefs as the elite ceramic knife! If you are an aspiring culinary expert, you must have one of these jewels in your toolbox!

There are basically two types of ceramic knife designs, the German and the Japanese. Both types have various manufacturers and handle constructed of different materials. The difference between the 2 types of ceramic blade knives is in the shape of the blade and the shape of how it is sharpened. All of the ceramic blades have durability and hardness second only to the diamond. This hardness is what sets these knives apart from metal knives by holding the sharp edge for years longer than the traditional knives.

The low maintenance Boker ceramic blade knife holds its ultra-sharp cutting edge for years, never will corrode, it is safe for the dishwasher, and is extremely hard and durable. They are not magnetic; they are inorganic and chemically neutral and will not interact with food or cause changes in flavor. This is the perfect knife for preparing delicate food. It will shred cabbage and slice through huge cuts of meat with ease and surprise.

This new generation of technology in the kitchen will last a lifetime if you care for your Boker Ceramic knife reasonably. There are just a few precautions. They are not fragile, but you must use common sense to protect the longevity of their sharpness. Do not drop these knives on the floor. As with a metal knife, it will damage or break it. Do not cut bones and hard objects as this can cause micro-chips in the blade and cause dullness. Store your knives in a catty or block to protect them… It is that easy!


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